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North Shore Waterfront Conservancy of Staten Island, Inc.

Shore Up: Community Resilience & Adapation Project (SUCRA)

As part of NSWC SUCRA Project it was impartive that we participated in the Climate Change March.


September 21, 2014 was a Day of Days where over 400,000 people from all of the country and the world gathered on the streets of New York City to march for the sake of humanity. The Climate Change March kicked off what would be a 3 day event of people talking about our concerns regarding not just surviving our ever changing environment, but actually doing things now to make sure that we are resilient to climate change so that the bounce back after major events are not as difficult and or life threatening.


These are also events that followed that Fabulous Day of Days.


Link to the livestream at the People's Climate Justice Summit at UN Church Center



9/23/14 Organic News/w Cat Watters & SCOTT BAKER, TONY BUONOTEMPO, & BERYL THURMAN

Awake Radio

The funding for the SUCRA Project was made possible by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Enviornmental Justice Office's Environmental Justice Community Impact Grant.


It is NSWC's wish to keep you informed with the best information that is available in order that you can make the best decisions for you and your family as we make our way through this new world of Climate Change.


This link is to the NSWC Staten Island North Shore Resilience Website it is the final project that is listed in the objectives below.


With the SI North Shore Resilience website you can down load information including maps that are posted.


In this project, NSWC assessed areas of flood vulnerability on Staten Island's North Shore through community - based data collection, research and education.


Our approach contains five main initiatives: 1)Video, still photography, working with teams of community volunteers and interns, we  identifed local flooding "hot spots." We entered our flood data into a database, and from it create a GIS map.


2) We researched, located, and mapped existing berms, retaining walls and other flood protections in the area. To the extent possible, we identifed the age of these protective materials and their condition.


3) We mapped the location of hazardous waste producing sites, with the assistance from Queens College Office of Community Studies.


4) With the assistance of Public Labs we  compiled our data and created layered maps that illustrate the proximity of flood hot spots, contaminated properties and flood protections. From those databases and maps, we will develop a prioritized set of recommendations for building better flood resiliences, especially in those locations most at risk from flooding, contamination, and inadequate flood protections.


5) We created a video, printed and online materials, as well as workshops, designed to educate community members about how best to protect themsleves, their families and their properties from flood hazards. We disseminated our materials through our community networks and through our annual boat tours.





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